Sick Child Visits

Sick Child Visits 2017-11-30T10:56:26-07:00

Sometimes it’s hard to tell how sick your child is.  Urgent care or a trip to the hospital is usually not needed for a simple cold or cough, mild diarrhea, constipation, temper tantrums, minor injury, or sleep problems. However, if  you are ever in doubt about your child’s health, we encourage you to call the office during normal business hours to discuss your child’s illness with us.  We can help you decide if it is necessary for you to come visit us or if you need to take a trip to the hospital or urgent care.  Same day appointments are available and may be scheduled by our staff at the time of your call.

We make every effort to schedule appointments for ill children on the same day that you call us. Please call our office ahead of time at 480-912-6214 to that we can minimize the time you will spend waiting.

Our physicians can be available outside office hours for emergencies.  Please feel free to call us if you do not think the matter should wait until morning.  You can always use our patient portal located here online to make an appointment.

Call Maian Pediatrics immediately if:

  • Your child is under two months old with a fever greater than 100.4° F
  • Your child is over two months with a fever that causes them to act sluggish and lasts longer than two days
  • Your child is older and has a fever of 104° F or higher
  • Your child complains of concentrated abdominal pain
  • You are worried about anything regarding your child’s health