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Is the Practice accepting new patients?

Yes, we are happy to welcome new patients, from birth to 21 years old. Please check with your insurance company to make sure we are on your plan. Please obtain previous medical records, including immunization records and growth charts, and bring with you to your childs first appointment.

Is the Doctor Board Certified?

Yes, Dr. Erskine is certified by the American Board of Pediatrics, in Pediatrics and Pediatric Critical Care Medicine.  He is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Do you have any tips for making the appointment run as smoothly as possible?

When you make the appointment please briefly inform our staff why you would like your child seen;  some concerns require more time and this information will help in scheduling. Bring any medical records you may have from a recent ER visit or hospitalization.  Please arrive on time.  Please anticipate if a second (or third) child in your family needs to be seen and request an extra appointment prior to arriving at the office or through our patient portal.  Also, know your health insurance policy, co-pay and deductible.  Please bring a new insurance card if your plan has changed. Write down any questions you might have for the Doctor, so you don’t forget to ask.

How can I schedule a visit when my child is sick?

Please call the office at 480-912-6214, give your child’s name, age and a briefly describe the reason for the visit.  We strive to give ick children same-day appointments with the Doctor.  However, if  the Doctor is heavily booked at the time you need to come in, or is not in the office that day. If the office is extremely busy the staff will ask you a few questions to determine if the appointment could be scheduled for the following day.  We will try to see your child as promptly as possible, but there may be a slight wait.  We ask for your patience during those times.

Are there well and sick waiting rooms? 

Yes, we have both a well side and a sick side waiting rooms.  In addition to having separate waiting rooms, we also have separate sick and well exam rooms.

How do I make or change an appointment?

You can either call the office at 480-912-6214, or you can log into our secure patient portal.

When must I pay for services?

You must pay at the time of service.  This includes co-payment, co-insurance charges and charges applied to your deductible.